A Letter to My Younger Self

By: Peggy Carroll, Founder of Fill Your Bucket List Foundation Search for a career that fills you with happiness and causes you to jump out of bed in the morning, as it will never feel like work! Align yourself with mentors who are where you want to be personally and professionally, and know you are only as great as the people you surround ourselves with! ALWAYS ask for help, advice and wisdom from others, as we cannot do life, career or parenting alone! Be humble, and know that everything you have is a gift from God that he blessed you to share with others. Use your gifts and talents every day to make our world a better place, as you will be blessed the most by supporting and helping others. Love your family and friends unconditionally, as this is one of the best gifts you can give yourself; make it a point to create friendships that become family! Be willing to always step out of your comfort zone, as this is how you grow! Take risks and try what others think is impossible! At the age of 53, I totally re-invented a new career by starting the Fill Your Bucket List Foundation, which grants wishes to adults with cancer who have a low income. Creating the Foundation has blessed so many patients and their families with memories. However, everyone who supports the Foundation has been given the gift of seeing the patients’ precious faces and their hearts when they return from their wish, making the volunteers the truly lucky ones! Strive to exercise throughout your life, discover what activity you enjoy most, and stay healthy and at your ideal body weight. This allows you to have the energy to change the world and the stamina to be the best at your career and your personal life. People are attracted to energy, so always strive to maximize yours!  Keep an attitude of gratefulness and joy every day; try to always focus on the positive in people and in life lessons as they are knocking you down. There is good from every bump and tragedy. Stand firm in your beliefs, and always focus on everyone else and how can you make their day a little better! Ask about them and pour into them … YOU may be their life changing moment! Finally, DREAM BIG: if you invest in your impossible dreams, they absolutely will come true! With love, Peggy Gibson Carroll Founder, Patient Advocacy Consultant Fill Your Bucket List Foundation