Guest Blog: Entrepreneurs and Travel

Budget-Friendly Tips for Enjoying a Self-Care Getaway

Undoubtedly, this is a difficult time with the coronavirus uptick and the uncertainty and tough economic conditions that have come with it. While it may be tough to imagine going on vacation right now, we will get through this and enjoy traveling once again. Having the opportunity to travel, whether it’s around the world or around your own region, is an amazing chance to see new sights, engage with different cultures, and expand your horizons. And as an entrepreneur, getting away from the grind for a bit can help recharge your batteries. But travel can be expensive, especially when it comes to transportation costs and lodging. Fortunately, there are ways for savvy travelers to save money without compromising their travel dreams, such as using a booking company to save on transportation and hotel expenses. Here are some of our top tips for budget-friendly travel.

Time-Saving Strategies

Business owners who don’t find ways to save time for a true vacation (not a working vacation) set themselves up for burnout. By incorporating some productivity and efficiency solutions into your everyday agenda, you cannot only save some time for the occasional true, honest-to-goodness getaway, you can even have more downtime during the work week. To that end, examine your routine obligations and find ways to reduce the time those responsibilities require. As an example, all North Carolina businesses must file an annual report with the state, yet how you reach that result is your call. There are affordable online services like Ze Business that can help you tremendously. With a personalized dashboard that helps you gather and organize your information, you’ll spend a minimal amount of time on the process leading up to filing the report. And best of all, they will generate and file the report for you.

Getting There

The best way to save money on the “getting there” part of traveling is to find the most affordable airfare to your destination. Momondo, Expedia and Priceline are all great options for finding cheap airfare, and these sites can also help you find deals on hotels and car rentals. Another way to save money on transportation is to be flexible on your destination, travel dates, or both. Rather than being set on a trip to a hot tourist destination in peak season, you could look at which destinations have the cheapest tickets available, and use the “low price calendars” on many travel sites to find the best time to book your trip. And finally, if you’re taking day trips, once you’ve arrived, compare the prices of trains, buses, and car rentals.

Where to Stay

Once you’ve got your flight tickets, you’ll need to find accommodations. While hotels and inns have traditionally been the most common choice for travelers, short-term rentals (like the ones found on AirBnb or VRBO) are becoming a popular alternative. Which choice is right for you? It depends on your preferences. Chain hotels offer predictability and onsite staff, along with other amenities like exercise equipment and often an attached restaurant. You may also be able to find discounts or bundle a hotel with your airfare to save money. Short-term rentals can be a cheaper alternative (though not always), and can work especially well for a family or group of friends traveling together.


If you’re staying in a hotel room with a kitchen, or a short-term rental house or apartment, you can save money by cooking some of your meals rather than eating out all the time. You can still head to restaurants to sample the local cuisine, but choosing a few meals to prepare at your home-away-from-home can make your trip more affordable. You can also save by finding eateries that cater to locals rather than tourists. These kinds of restaurants are more likely to have affordable options plus give you a great taste of local flavor.


After you’ve gotten to your destination and settled in at your hotel or rental, it’s time to start doing the fun stuff: sightseeing. While some local attractions might be a must-see for you, you can also stick to your budget by being flexible. Are there local museums with free admission days? Self-guided city walking tours? Spend some time before your trip looking into deals and discounts on all the things you want to do and see while you travel. If you plan to do a lot of sightseeing, particularly in another country, consider investing in a travel belt as well as portable cell phone chargers. With flexibility, travel smarts, and the power of the internet, you can find deals and savings no matter where you choose to travel. There are ways to save money while still enjoying a comfortable, exciting, and fun-filled trip. And when the vacation eventually wraps up, you’ll be able to return to your business with a clear mind and, hopefully, a fresh perspective.

Katie Conroy