Happy 5th birthday to “Remember Who YOU Are”!

Wow, how time flies! It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years since we published our first book. What do two best friends do to celebrate such a time? Perhaps offer a toast? Eat cake? Take a trip down memory lane? Share our sincere appreciation to our friends, clients and readers? We couldn’t decide, so we’re choosing all the above! Cheers to YOU for reading Remember Who YOU Are – and for letting us know how some of our experiences have encouraged you to rethink a thing or two. To reset your priorities. And live them. Have the confidence to speak up. Muster the courage to take a risk. Stop fearing failure. Quit feeling guilty. Applaud transparency. Find unique ways to give back. Figure out your brand. Determine who you really are. And get comfortable bringing YOU – all of you – to wherever you are. Thanks for some remarkable – really, lifetime – memories…our incredible launch party hosted by great friends. Who thought we’d have 2500+ people in an overflowing auditorium and online for our launch?!? Our launch team rocked! Or what about having the red carpet rolled out in Nashville! We appreciate you, our readers, for giving us comments and offering feedback on topics you’d like to see included in our next blog or book. Or both. Thanks to many wonderful friends and clients who’ve hosted us over the past 5 years! What about the great couple of days in NYC including an evening at the American Museum of Natural History? Or the fabulous dinner at the French Embassy? Or the fun we had in Austin, Pittsburgh, and Charlotte, to name a few? Then there was the time where one of our carry-on bags, which was loaded with copies of Remember Who YOU Are, got searched. Did we mention page by page? Each book. Yes, you read that correctly. TSA found it odd that we’d travel with 20 copies of the same book, even when we explained that they were our own books. Every. Single. Book. Was. Searched. Page by excruciating page. Finally, it was obvious to all that nothing nefarious was happening. So, it was off to the gate…only to find the plane had departed and the next flight to RDU would leave in 7 hours. Who said all memories were good? None-the-less, it was a memory. So we made the best of it. And we learned – don’t put 20 identical books in a carry-on. We’ve also learned more lessons – about ourselves, from each other, and from many of you. For that, we’re grateful. A few highlights that continue to resonate; we can all Benefit from more gratitude Listen better Encourage one another to get back up Set aside time for more mini-celebrations Seek out learning opportunities.

By now, you know we love quotes and we have two for you to ponder: the first is by Robert Braathe, Gratitude and attitude are not challenges; they are choices. And Nelson Mandela said, Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead. Finally, we want to thank you for all the ‘Dear Younger Me” letters. We’re on this life journey together and it’s evident how much we have in common when we hear and read your stories. Our goal is to continue to share what we’ve learned from our combined 70 years of experience in the hopes that it will serve you well on your journeys. Feel free to send us your ‘Dear Younger Me’ letter and let us know if we can share it here so others can learn from you too! Join us in making a wish and enjoying a slice of cake!