Top 2023 Gratitude Moments: Fresh Flowers & Thankful Hearts


It’s that time of the year… the temps are dropping, leaves are falling, the sky seems bluer, and the air is crisper. We love this season of the year… for many reasons. As we’ll soon be celebrating Thanksgiving, we thought this would be a great time to share some of the things we’re especially grateful for in 2023 – and we’d love to hear from you. Who or what makes your gratitude list this year? nnGratitude is a way for us to focus on and appreciate what we have instead of what we lack. It’s amazing how having an attitude of gratitude can change us for the better. It makes life more enjoyable. Gratitude gets us through tough times. It energizes us and offers hope in the midst of worry or despair. People who are grateful are happier, less stressed and less depressed – now that’s something to be grateful for!

A few top gratitude moments that made our list this year:

  1. The friend who brings fresh flowers over… with a note… just because.
  2. Our families – and especially a growing one; one of us (the older one) is going to be a grandmother soon – really soon – as in days!
  3. Professional, especially leadership, experiences that stretch and teach us.
  4. Opportunities to give back – Tammy Lynn Center, Knowing God Ministries, Raleigh Rescue Mission.
  5. The beauty of each season we get to experience in NC, especially the gold, red, orange and yellow leaves.
  6. Healthy meals and JoJo’s® dark chocolate bars – an almost guilt-free indulgence!
  7. Sitting around a cozy, crackling fire with friends.
  8. The ability to be rounded out and complemented by those around us with different skills and talents.
  9. Clothing styles and stretchy fabrics that forgive going back for seconds (or thirds) at Thanksgiving dinner.
  10. Quiet time and the opportunity to reflect on what’s most important.
  11. The glow and aroma of a Capri Blue Volcano® candle
  12. Each other – our partnership, how we’ve grown and the fun we’ve shared – and our excitement as we start writing Book #2 in 2024! (Reach out if there are specific topics you’d like to hear about.)

There are many specific people we’re thankful for too – but wouldn’t want to risk hurting anyone’s feelings, so we’ll simply say THANK YOU for your encouragement, support and friendship over the years. You know who you are. Leave us a comment below on your top gratitude moments of 2023… or share some leadership topics you’d like to read about in our upcoming book.