Welcome to Habergeon!

Welcome to our first blog – yes, our first ever! We’re happy you’ve stopped by our site. We hope to be a resource for you, to help you stand out from the crowd, a place where we can all share and learn from each other, and an asset that you can draw on to help you achieve big objectives. We will address topics that most of us have at least heard of, if not encountered personally and sometimes on a daily basis. For instance, the need to stop trying to be everything to everyone. Ways to compliment other women – and not compete with them. Ways to get creative in finding a little time for ourselves. We want to offer tools to assist you in building a unique personal brand – one that will be your roadmap to success. We realize the value of setting priorities to help achieve balance in our lives. And it’s not found by working for pay 24/7. It’s working smart. Being intentional. It’s pushing – and pulling – each other up the career ladder. It’s digging deep and identifying our best selves. It’s supporting others. Sponsoring others. Co-mentoring others.n nAs Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” We were each uniquely made and we need to take the time to realize how we are wired, and then set out on an intended course to be the “best us” we can be! We will touch on topics like the tremendous value of embracing other women’s successes and perhaps best of all, we will share our platform with others who have gone before us, so together we will receive encouragement and wisdom from these professionals who’ve excelled in their careers. How about you? We’re sure you have something to share, so we’d love to hear from you. Let us know the topics of most interest or concern to you. Share a nugget of wisdom you’ve learned along your life’s path. It can impact more people than you might imagine. Together, we will elevate each other to greater heights than we will accomplish alone. Please join us!