What’s Your Word For 2024?

Since singing Auld Lang Syne, perhaps kissing a loved one as the New Year arrived or simply going to bed and waking up to the New Year, you’ve likely been asked, what’s your New Year’s resolution? Was it to go to the gym more? Lose 10 pounds? Help others? Shop less? Or did you say you’d have to give it some thought? And then you didn’t give it another thought. If you haven’t committed thus far, why bother? I (Paula) haven’t been one to consider personal New Year’s resolutions. I always thought they were needless, nothing I’d keep up with. I was more focused on professional goals. What was I going to accomplish for the company? What is a resolution, anyway? According to Merriam-Webster, resolutions are the act or process of resolving – to deal with something successfully. New Year’s resolutions are specific promises we make to ourselves to improve our lives at the start of a new year. Our Habergeon twist on a New Year’s resolution is to consider and choose Our Word for 2024. What word best defines who you are, who you want to be, how you are living your best life, how you want to live your best life, what makes you smile, or what will make you smile in 2024? We started asking others for Their Word for the year as we began 2023. We heard back from lots of you. Words like hopeful. Aware. Grace. Happy. Decisive. Joy. Believe. Expectations. Less. I keep this list on my iPhone. Throughout the year, when we saw these friends, we’d ask, So your word was ___. What are you doing to keep true to ___?  This reminder was generally appreciated and was the catalyst for a great conversation. We had a chance to reflect and sometimes redirect. It’s time to collect our list of words for 2024. Thus far we’ve heard: Thoughtful. Purpose-seeking. Joy. Discipline. Intentional. Self-worth. Sparkle. Rest. Point. Moments. What’s your Word? At Habergeon, we’ve decided on our Word for 2024: Influence. Each of us influences others whether we think so or not. We’re either influencing or being influenced – by our words (or lack of them) and our actions. Throughout 2024, we will share via our blogs and posts, how you too can have influence. Our list for 2024 is ready for your Word to be added. What is it? If you’d like us to include it anonymously, please send it to admin@habergeon.com. We’d be happy to follow up with you in a few months and have a conversation – and perhaps offer a reminder or support you in working to achieve your goals this year. Happy 2024!